Quickstart Apps

Quickstart iPhone App
The Quickstart Apps introduce you to Spanish, French, Italian and German and allow you to learn the basics fast – with a fun, interactive approach. They break down key language into manageable chunks and let you listen to and practise the language yourself, using interactive activities and quizzes.

The Apps feature 14 episodes based on a storyline following three friends on a city break, focusing on essential everyday language and including support activities.

Each episode features;

  • time to listen
    Sets the scene and introduces language needed to get the gist of the first conversation – with options for subtitles
  • time to reflect
    Explains step-by-step the language heard, pulling out words and phrases and translating them, and explaining the grammar, culture and word association
  • time to kickstart
    Fully interactive – allows you to practise the language by constructing sentences, following audio prompts. Record yourself speaking the language and compare to a native speaker
  • time to recap
    Lets you listen to the conversation again without help and see what you’ve learnt – a quiz game based on flashcards with feedback
  • vocabulary and language notes with useful hyperlinks from selected words and phrases to help you get a thorough grounding in the basics.
Quickstart apps also feature a grammar guide and an interactive phrase book so that you can record yourself and really perfect your pronunciation.